Gather. Test. Share. Celebrate.

We created a space to help you bring everyone — and everything — together.

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Insights and ideas. Testing and training. Meetings, workshops, and presentations. Bringing people together — physically and virtually — is such a key part of what we do and how we work that we designed our space around it. Conducive and configurable to all types of focus groups, user testing, and strategy sessions, we don’t just moderate our own research, we coordinate and host it too.

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Our own research facility

Our focus group participant room is large enough to seat up to 12 participants, with room for breakouts and research exercises. We’ll keep you comfortable, too, with a plush viewing suite where you can enjoy all the amenities you’ll need or desire while watching your customers provide insightful feedback. 


With decades of experience as strategists, workshop facilitators and focus group moderators, we use our space to conduct proprietary Brand Audits, as well as user testing and experience research.


We are proud to work with Focus Groups of America’s highly trained professional recruiters who use a carefully designed confirmations process that consistently yields the best show rate in the industry.  


Located just south of Nashville, in downtown Franklin, METTLE5 is Williamson County’s only focus group facility. We’re neighbors with the new Harpeth Square Hotel, fantastic restaurants, bars, cafes, and boutiques, with convenient parking. 

A multi-use space designed to meet your needs

Flexible and adaptable, you can use as much or little of our space as you need. Configure it into the perfect set-up for your presentation, board meeting, training session, orientation, lunch-and-learn, workshop, user testing, or happy hour. See our price sheet.

  • Private entrance
  • Great views
  • Natural lighting
  • Private balcony and courtyard
  • 75” LED Samsung TVs
  • Mesh WiFi, Google Nest audio/visual, and Owl conferencing

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