What Are Your Brand Hallmarks Saying About You?

Color Palette

Everyone is viewing everything through a different lens these days. What might have been a positive brand hallmark in the past now suddenly trigger a different set of emotions and responses. Now is a good time to evaluate your brand’s core elements and determine whether or not you are communicating as you intend.


No doubt your brand’s last photoshoot didn’t include pandemic-appropriate photography. And, therefore, it’s likely your library is outdated. But don’t just flood your website and ad campaigns with photos of masked faces. Striking a balance between social responsibility and brand aspiration is key.

Secondary Hallmarks

You may not have secondary hallmarks – at least any designed intentionally. But if you repeatedly use the same style of graphic elements, charts or iconography -then by default – those are hallmarks associated with your brand. Whether intentionally created or not, take the time to evaluate whether or not these brand elements are giving your brand a positive boost.

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